Corsair M200 Standard Edition Mouse Mat. Cloth & Rubber Base 360x300x2

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Corsair Gaming MM200 Mouse Mat Standard Edition Stability and precision in a size thats just right. The Corsair Gaming MM200 Standard Edition high performance mouse mat is 360mm wide and 300mm long, for a playing area that€™s ideal for most games without taking up too much desk space. The cloth surface of the MM200 delivers excellent glide characteristics that allow you to execute fast swipes and pull off high-precision shots with confidence and consistency. It€™s optimized for gaming sensors, with a carefully-screened surface material that delivers excellent tracking. The MM200 is stable and secure. You cant afford to have your mouse surface move in the middle of a firefight, so we added a no-slip base that provides cushion with just the right amount of give. And it€™s made of natural rubber, so it doesnt have a harsh chemical odor. Package contents Corsair Gaming MM200 Mouse Mat Standard Edition